Riot Looks to Reddit to Ban Toxic Players

Just recently a long time League of Legends player and ex-TSM toplaner, The Rain Man, was called out intentionally feeding by a redditor. A video was posted of a stream of The Rain Man giving up and walking down mid lane, while focusing on Diablo III rather than the match he was in.

It didn’t take long for this video post to skyrocket on Reddit, getting upvoted by thousands in just a short hour.

The comments on the post were hateful. They condemned him, shocked at “how far he’s fallen” (CptBuns). It was like they had never given up in a League of Legends match before.

The Rain Man in his featured video.
The Rain Man in his featured video.

Soon after that he was banned on that account. After getting banned, he switched over to another account, and after realizing he was on the front page of reddit, he decided to play as “positive as possible.”

Not giving a single kill to the enemies and even honoring everyone after the game, no matter their level of play, he was shortly banned on that account as well.

He was getting banned on every account he played on, and it was obvious Riot was watching his stream. Even his main account, the one he played in competitive leagues on, was permanently suspended.

Feeding happens every day on Summoners Rift, and unless the feeder is 0/15/0 you can’t really tell if its intentional or not. So the Rain Man proposed his method of thinking: Does it matter if it was intentional or not? Either way you will lose elo.

Now, I’ve been a long time The Rain Man fan since he got to rank 1 as Teemo in season 1, but I’m very opposed to intentional feeders. I think he should not have intentionally fed on stream, but it wasn’t worthy of Riot nearly giving him the Tyler1 treatment.

Tyler1 was in a similar boat as The Rain Man, but in addition to intentionally feeding, he’d tell players to kill themselves by such strategies as drinking bleach.

And after a Meteos video condemning Tyler1 surfaced, once again reaching the front page of Reddit, Riot permanently banned him on all of his current and future accounts, completely disabling his ability to stream League of Legends.

The common thread here is that as soon as a toxic player gets in the spotlight, Riot will not think twice to completely ruin their League of Legends and streaming careers.

In my opinion, Riot is banning these big names not only to set an example, but to make it look like toxic players are being punished. Everyone knows that Riot does a horrible job of actually banning the toxic players.

Intentional feeders like this guy have almost no chance of being punished, and you can basically do anything you want without getting banned just by not getting flagged by the toxic-in-chat system.

Currently The Rain Man is not getting further bans and has actually made a surprising change in the way he streams. Each game he fills the chat with ^_^, always tries his hardest, and, of course, honors everyone after the game. So maybe Riot’s plan did work…

What do you think? Were these bans well deserved? Does Reddit hold too much power? Let me know in the comments below, and I’ll see y`all  next time!

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