Late Night Addicting Games

The weekend. Saturday, Sunday, and sometimes Friday. Why do we call it the weekend, though it’s really the end of one week and the first day of the next? We “Americans” are some of the only people to write the calendar this way. In fact in Europe, the calendar starts the week on Monday, and ends it with Sunday. I prefer that way because it supports the meaning of weekend.

Anyway, on to the real business. It’s that day of the week again.

“Yeah, Truski, everyone hates Mondays, they’re the start of the new school or work week.”

Right… Wrong? According to the date of the post, it says I wrote this on Monday, February 1st, but in my mind it’s still Sunday night. Yes, I believe Sundays are in fact the worst day of the week. You procrastinators know exactly what I’m talking about. Why not do my work until I actually need to do it? That’s been my mentality since I got my first piece of homework when I was in elementary school. Schoolwork has its tendencies to be dull due to their generality and our disinterest, but this “leave it till I need it” mentality could have severe consequences if left unchecked.

I was supposed to sleep at midnight tonight, but twenty minutes before then I made the terrible decision to boot up, a browser game that’s fun, challenges your typing skills, and worst of all, addicting. I first found the game when someone on Facebook liked it and challenged everyone to get 4,000 points. I’m always up for a challenge, so I instantly clicked the link to destroy this fool’s game. It turned out it was a typing game mixed with a Galaga arcade theme built in. I was only able to pull off a mediocre 1,750 on my first try. That night I tried and tried, but simply couldn’t get past 3000. Checked the clock, and a few hours had gone by. It was 2 am and way past the time I told myself I’d be lying in bed watching Person of Interest (solid show by the way). Tonight I played a few games, ended up at about 3,500 score before I started tilting and quit. Now I’m screwed and am only going to get like 5 hours and thirty minutes of sleep.

I come back to this notion of “severe consequences” of habits of procrastination. One of the worst habits, it could really stifle your life. While it starts in school, it could easily become a lifestyle for the rest of your life unless you take serious actions to change it. Last summer I tried just that when I bought this audiobook for a buck. I listened to the whole thing while working a mindless job, but the problem was I didn’t put thoughts into actions. This winter break I started actually following 1 of the 21 strategies the book offered: the pomodoro technique. For 4 days straight I used this website to mange my time more wisely in 25 minute intervals and to keep track of everything I was doing. Those 4 days were some of the best days of my break, even though they were full of work. Since then, while I have used the website to organize my homework, I haven’t completed a single pomodoro (25 minute focused work state), and it’s something that I really should get back into doing. Tomorrow, I’ll try to get at least 2 pomodoros done. Then Tuesday, I’ll double up for 4. I recommend you give it a try. But the most important thing, which for now I have failed, is that you keep up the pomodoros. Every day of the week (except maybe the weekend. Personally I’d leave Sunday out).

Anyway, this blog post seems to be getting very long, wildly incoherent, and filled with unimportant details. I may have even missed some of the details I wanted to include. Next time I hope to actually talk about some gaming or computer science related topic. Thanks for reading, I’ll see you next time.

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