Is Blade and Soul the next big MMORPG?

A few weeks ago I was on YouTube and watched this video by a popular YouTuber titled, “Why are Old League Players Quitting?” But unlike his other videos which are mostly filled with League of Legends gameplay, gbay starts this one showing some gameplay of a new MMO that was coming out at the time called Blade and Soul.

Originating in Korea, Blade and Soul is an MMO created by NCSoft in 2012 that until a few weeks ago was only released in the Eastern countries. Since the closed beta a few months ago, the hype for the game has been growing to the point where even I was eager to get my hands on the game. With all the new MMO’s coming out like Archeage and Destiny, Blade and Soul was the only new MMO I’ve even downloaded since World of Warcraft and Allods Online. I’ll try to explain what the excitement is all about.

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Late Night Addicting Games

The weekend. Saturday, Sunday, and sometimes Friday. Why do we call it the weekend, though it’s really the end of one week and the first day of the next? We “Americans” are some of the only people to write the calendar this way. In fact in Europe, the calendar starts the week on Monday, and ends it with Sunday. I prefer that way because it supports the meaning of weekend.

Anyway, on to the real business. It’s that day of the week again.

“Yeah, Truski, everyone hates Mondays, they’re the start of the new school or work week.”

Right… Wrong? According to the date of the post, it says I wrote this on Monday, February 1st, but in my mind it’s still Sunday night. Yes, I believe Sundays are in fact the worst day of the week. You procrastinators know exactly what I’m talking about. Why not do my work until I actually need to do it? That’s been my mentality since I got my first piece of homework when I was in elementary school. Schoolwork has its tendencies to be dull due to their generality and our disinterest, but this “leave it till I need it” mentality could have severe consequences if left unchecked.

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